Application Process

Soon after launching your web site you will start to receive new user registrations. 

  • People without an account will click on the Register link on the web site and fill out the form with their name, address etc. to apply for an account.
  • User administrators in the Web Office are then able to approve or decline the application in order to give the users access.


By giving someone an account on the web site you are acknowledging them as part of your community - trusting them with access to secured areas and your address book. It is therefore important that you decide on a policy for issuing accounts that is right for your organization.


Some organizations require applicants to have existing members to vouch for them, others give accounts on completion of a short membership course or when joining a cell / small group. To avoid dispute we recommend that you consider at what point an individual is considered a member,  and make creating a website account part of that process.