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Consider your organization, what tasks and jobs have to be done all the time behind the scenes to keep things running? Organizing a community of any size can be hard work.


You have probably heard the phrase "Work smarter not harder", but have you ever stopped to think how your church staff and leaders could work smarter?


Endis offers a variety of tools that enable you to establish processes that make things more effective. If your staff are more effective with everyday administration then it frees up time and energy to invest into more strategic activities.


Endis also helps you delegate effectively, by empowering those with responsibility with the appropriate information and tools. 


A central system for matching people to tasks at events. It lets you avoid double-bookings, and can send automatic email reminders.


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Resource Booking

Delegate administration effectively, whilst managing shared calendars that show what is being used where and when.


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Use the information stored in your address book to perform efficient and effective mailings. 

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Keep all your data cross-referenced, secure and in one place, using flexible database functionality.


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Monitor involvement levels and keep your finger on the pulse by keeping track of event attendance.

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Make decisions and plans based on accurate statistics and detailed reports about your membership.

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