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Essential Training with ChurchInsight

with: Brett Payne & Mike Schorah

Essential Training with ChurchInsight provides a thorough explanation of each of this application's essential features. The training covers how to operate smoothly within the backend WebOffice, create effective events and setup an online store. It also teaches users how to manage the powerful CMS features, import and manage users, create groups and scheduling, and utilize articles and forums for ministry productivity.

How to access this training...
To access all of the training videos below, simply click on the icon next to the description. The demo movies that are indicated by active links below can be accessed without logging in.

End User "How To's"   |   Site Manager   |     Query     |     Events & Attendance

Directories     |     Themes and Layouts

Table of Contents

1.  End User "How To's"
01 Document Submission
Learn how to login in as a site user and upload a document to your website for approval. More ...
02 Editing a Registration
Do you have a conference or giving plan registration that you need to make some changes on? Here are the steps. More ...

2.  WebOffice: Site Manager
01 Web Office Overview
Get a general overview of the layout of our Web Office as an introduction to the tour. More ...
02 Workflow
Instruction on general workflow that is used within the Site Manager Tab. More ...
03 Folder Types
Learn to identify and use various types of folders within the WebOffice. More ...
04 Summary Tab
Getting quick folder overviews, adding new folders and related tasks. More ...
05 (a) Documents
Learn how to publish a simple document. More ...
05 (b) Documents
Understanding what a Group Home Page article is and how determine publishing order. More ...
05 (c) Documents
The step by step process to create an online form. More ...
05 (d) Documents
Learn to use all of the features on row one of the button bar. More ...
05 (e) Documents
Learn to use all of the features on row two of the button bar. More ...
05 (f) Documents
Learn to use all of the features on row three of the button bar. More ...
06 Media
Get an overview of the media tab with all it's uses. More ...
07 (a) Forums
Creating a forum topic within your site and posting to that forum. More ...
07 (b) Forums
Learn the administrative techniques to manage abuses within forums. More ...
08 Chatter
Creating and administering a chatter zone. More ...
09 Events
An overview of scheduling events for your organization. More ...
13 Members
Managing the users on your site, their current status and login information. More ...
14 Permissions
Give access for specific site functions to various members of your organization. More ...
15 Site Mind Mapping
Learn how to use the Mindomo Mind Mapping tool to organize your site. More ...

3.  WebOffice: Query
Specific searches for member information, as well as preparing targeted mailings. More ...

4.  Events and Attendance
01 Attendance Introduction
Learn how to set up an effective attendance strategy for your small group, school or organization. More ...
02 Attendance Reporting
Utilize all the reports you'll ever need for tracking your member attendance. More ...

5.  Directories
01_Setting Up Directories
Learn the steps to setup an effective directory system for public display. More ...
02_Adding Organizations
Set organizations related to you in a an easy to understand fashion for your site. More ...
6.  Themes and Layouts

01 Implementing a new theme
Use our themes and layouts to implement a new theme into your site. More ...