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Digital Delivery - sell your digital content

You can now sell music, talks, videos, PDF documents, or any other digital content through your online store.

How does it work?

You upload the content as catalogue items in your online store, setting the price and describing the files. Customers browse through the shop, add items to their basket, and after check out they can download these files immediately. Customers can also return to their My Orders page at a later date to download the files again.

What do I need to do?

  • Create a new 'Item' to describe and promote your content
  • Use the 'Digital Delivery' tab to upload the files. You can add any number of digital files to an item - in music terms, this is like adding multiple tracks to an album. 
  • Choose a price for each file (if available separately), and a price for the whole set.
  • Adjust additional options (e.g. for recognised audio files, we'll offer a free 20-second sample by default).


If you can't find answers here or in the forums, you can always email support and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.