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To build any worthwhile online community you need to establish a high level of trust in your web security. Because of this we take security and privacy issues very seriously. ChurchInsight password protects your organization's information. 

Secure Technology

Our servers run the latest version of Microsoft's flagship development platform: .NET server. The web sites are protected from potential malicious attacks by software firewalls and the latest security fixes while the servers are fitted with uninterruptable power supplies and have data backed up daily.



Security Model

Underpinning the ChurchInsight system is a detailed security system. This system defines who controls (publish, view, edit) information on the site:



As an organization you have the ability to control what  individuals have appropriate permissions to view and administer. Using the Web Office, site administrators have full control over everything that appears on the web site.   



Each group can have an assigned security level. Some groups may contain publicly available information such as vision and values information. Others may be restricted to logged in users of the site. There are also restricted areas providing a private area for group members only to contribute in.



The following are example of some of the administrative roles which can be delegated:

  • Editor - user is able to review, modify and publish documents and images. Documents can be articles, brochure content, forms, polls or banner ads.
  • Schedule Organizer - the user can create, edit and delete schedules.
  • Forum Moderator - user can create, edit and delete contributions to the forums. Also responsible for reviewing messages that have been marked as potentially abusive.
  • Calendar Manager - user can create, edit and delete events for that group.
  • Membership Admin - user can add / remove members to that group, and set security permissions for users of that group.
  • Group Admin- user can add sub-groups, change the group structure, name, description etc.


The security model also cascades into the workflow aspects of ChurchInsight. Articles can be written by one church member and automatically flow to an appropriate section editor for checking and publishing.


Personal information in the online address book is always password protected unless the individual chooses otherwise. Any new registrations to the church web site have to be approved by a membership administrator.


If you have any concerns about moving your church's information online then please contact us and let us discuss them with you. We take security and privacy issues very seriously.



If you can't find answers here or in the forums, you can always email support and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.