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Address Book

-Having an address book online is one of the most popular and useful features of the Endis system.
-Every member is able to maintain their own information to keep their details correct, and everybody has a single reference point to look up other people's details.   


The Benefits

Administrative staff no longer have to spend time keeping contact details correct, members can update their family's information, any time and from anywhere! The value of having a single source of correct information, accessible from anywhere, is huge. The time and money saved compared to producing printed directories is considerable. Access to the address book is restricted to members only via a secure authentication system.




How does it work?

The web site builds and maintains community by allowing members to log in with a username and password. Once authenticated, users can maintain a profile of their own personal information, which is used to construct the address book.

The address book can be viewed in a variety of ways:

  1. Telephone numbers for members.
  2. A printable version to distribute to those without internet access.
  3. A copy of the information in electronic form which you can download into your email program.

You can get all this information directly from the online address book.


The address book groups together family members, allowing families to share a common address and home telephone record, but giving each member of the family a separate web site login, email addresses, mobile number etc.


The address book is searchable, to help you find information quickly and easily, and everyone can upload a photo of themselves so you can match names to faces.  

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Security and Privacy

The address book is password protected, so that personal information is not made freely available on the internet. By default, only other members of are able to view your details. In addition, every user can control their own privacy settings, by selecting which details they want to make available.









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