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A thriving orgainization has many facets, and every member is involved in a unique way.

For the web site to support this, all information is categorized to match the varied activities of the organization and are presented in a way that mirrors the established structure. For instance, this makes it easy for the missions section of a site to incorporate only those articles, discussion forums and events that are appropriate to the intended audience.


Churchinsight will mirror the way your organization works. It will provide personalized content, and its security model ensures that authority and responsibility can be delegated as required. Everyone has a unique profile of interests and permissions, as we realize that people can wear many hats, and can have responsibilities in a unique set of areas.


The structure of the site is extensive and extendable through the Web Office with a high degree of customization. This ensures that your site stays relevant to its audience and provides relevant, timely content to all users - whatever their involvement.

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