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Web Site Structure 

Users will return to a web site that is easy and intuitive to navigate.


Structuring your site right is vital for both users and administrators alike. The Endis system keeps things simple, providing group folder building blocks you tailor to reflect your organization's needs.


All of the content, membership and security options are implemented through the group structure. Group folders make it easy to:

  • immediately change your web site as your organization changes and grows
  • share and store content on the web site in a logical and intuitive manner
  • devolve content management to different groups, increasing ownership and the flow of information
  • represent activities within your organization, enabling each area to have their own expression/part of the site.
  • automatically personalize the site (each user will see a different version of the site depending on their preferences and group membership/permissions)

Our Web Site Structure "How to" guide takes you step by step through the process of designing and building the right web site structure for your organization.

We also would suggest third party mind mapping software to help give a visual as you create the site structure. There are many available for cost and for free. We suggest a product called Mindomo, which offers free accounts and is very easy to use.



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