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Contacting: Mailing & Emailing

Endis mailing is more than email. It is a flexible, quick, efficient, specific way to communicate.

Flexible: If members would prefer to receive the message as traditional mail, Insight can easily help print letters and address labels, or even generate a list of people to phone.


Quick: All member addresses are kept in one place. No label printing, copying, or struggling with printers. Add pictures, graphics, and logo's to templates or letterheads.


Efficient: Saves time and money by stream lining  administration. Mailings will be accurate, based on group memberships. Mailings are combined so you only ever send one letter per household. Reduce costs by being able to rely on email distribution.

Specific: Members choose to recieve mail communications the way they want to: email or mail. Mailings will automatically use addresses from members site profile. System records who was sent each mailing.

How the mailing tool can help your organization
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