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Step 1: Web Office and functions tour


The first step in creating your web site is to get acquainted with the Web Office. This tour will connect you with the necessary information to learn how to navigate the Web Office and understand how it functions.


Web Office is where you will build and manage your web site.

Web Office - Tour

The Web Office is the administrative heart of the system. This powerful tool enables you to create new content for the web site, manage the contact details and involvement of each of your members and complete many of the day-to-day administration tasks.


This guide provides a brief overview of some of the main features of the web office.

Entering the Web Office

If you haven't logged in to the web site already, do so now. Click the Login link at the top of the home page and enter your login name and password.


Once you have successfully logged in, click the Web Office link at the top of the home page. The Web Office will be displayed shortly afterwards.

Working in the Web Office

The Web Office is divided into four main areas:

Click to see what they do.

  1. The Task Pane
  2. The Navigation Pane
  3. The Work Pane
  4. The Site Manager

Once you've taken the Web Office tour click on the links below to see all that Endis can do for you. 


Your Web Site: How Endis builds community. 

Administration: How Endis saves office time and money.


When you feel comforable with what Endis does and how you navigate it your ready for step 2: implementation

Project Management
Project Management More ...
The Navigation Pane
The Navigation Pane More ...
The Site Manager
The Site Manager More ...
The Work Pane
The Work Pane More ...
The Task Pane
The Task Pane More ...

If you can't find answers here or in the forums, you can always email support and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.