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Getting Started


When getting started it's important to realize that Endis is designed to build community within your organization.


That's why it's important to understand that creating and maintaining a web site that has a significant impact on your organization needs a team of committed people with a common vision.

Trying to do everything on your own won't lead to a successful project or the continued development of the site post-launch. It's important to build a team around you of people who are excited about the potential of the web site and therefore naturally motivated to be commited to the project. Select people who have the neccessary skills and give then clearly defined roles. For example there are four main areas of the project which could be delegated. They are:

As project leader, concentrate on managing the project and delegate the other project areas. Give your team clear areas of responsibility that fit with their abilities. Make them aware that heading up the area doesn't mean they have to do every task under that section, as they should delegate where helpful, but that they are responsible for making them happen.


Assigning Permissions

Once you have selected your team you will need to give them the neccessary permissions to your web site and so they can perform their tasks. A permission can be assigned by whoever has the permission themself. As the project owner you will have been set up will full permissions already so you can assign the relevant permissions.

Having a particular permission for any group folder automatically gives you the same permission for all sub-folders. Consequently you can assign permissions for your project team at the top of the tree and these permissions will cascade down the tree, so they have the same permission on all groups within the site.

To assign permissions for a group:

  1. Select the group under the Site Manager in the left hand frame.
  2. Select the  tab in the main window.
  3. Click on the Add a person to this list button and select the person.
  4. Check the boxes for the relvant permissions you wish to assign them (see our How to Assign Permissions for more information about the different permissions).

Access to the Settings tab on the top menu requires adding people to the Administrator list under this area.


Once you've delegated projects and added permissions your ready to begin the implimentation process. The implimentation page gives you a rough checklist for you and your team. Click on each task in order to link to it's page.   

Site Implementation

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If you can't find answers here or in the forums, you can always email support and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.