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Business Office Training

with: Brett Payne

In Business Office Training, instructor Brett Payne demonstrates how integrate the ChurchInsight Business Office to work seamlessly with Quickbooks. The tutorials teach the various features of Business Office that allow for payment groups on the ChurchInsight platform to save valuable time for those working with accounting, as well as minimize inefficiencies often associated with duplicate financial tracking.
How to access this training...
To access all of the training videos below, simply click on the icon next to the description. The demo movies that are indicated by active links below can be accessed without logging in.



Please go to to install Business Office on your machine. You may install as many copies on your PC's as needed, but there must be one copy on your PC that also has Quickbooks on it.

Training Videos

05_Funds from Payment Groups
Learn how receipts from your Web Office are applied automatically within Business Office. More ...
04_Business Office Processes
The basic work flow needed for those who will be working with Business Office on a daily basis. More ...
03_Mapping Payment Groups
One of the final steps in the implementation process, mapping payment groups allows you to streamline all receivables from your Web Office. More ...
02_Mapping Funds in Business Office
Learn how to map the funds from Quickbooks classes. More ...
A walk through on the basic steps to install Business Office More ...