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Professional Services and Cons

Support Options

support lifepreserverWhen churches and ministries join the Endis and ChurchInsight family, they receive elementary pre-sales and post-sales support. Our sales team is available via phone, email and instant messaging for the most basic of setup issues for a full 30 days of support to clients after their purchase of an Endis product (limited to one hour). Some churches and ministries, though, have needs that exceed basic support services and are interested in finding expert solutions specific to their organizations.

When You Need More Than the Basics

In order to meet those needs, Endis now provides EndisPlanet Professional Services and Consulting. This team is in place to evaluate your technology needs, assess your organizational architecture, provide off and on-site deployment, best practices and integration services. Consulting is the offering of business advice, business practice methods and general strategy to accomplish specific goals.

Refresh Your Presence

Need to customize your site to reflect your organizations specific small g
roup values? Interested in the best ways to minimize Refreshworkflow for running multi-site conferences? Curious about the most creative ways to utilize streaming media? All of these, plus an array of other opportunities, are addressed with our Professional Services and Consulting Team. Feel free to submit a consulting estimate request at any time. We'll get back with you in just 24 hours.

Dream Big

Our customers get the benefit of not only technical expertise and web development knowledge, but also direct access to our developers and programmers through our consultants in order to help them tweak their turnkey web solutions. Our consultants have a wide array of experience in implementing site structure and potential, as well as an understanding of how to utilize many third party applications that enhance fully the Endis products line.
In addition, you will get the expertise needed to complete all stages of your projects, including:

    * Project planning
    * Implementation and management
    * Custom graphics
    * Media solutions
    * Database migration and management
    * Establishing security structures

Connecting with our consulting team also allows for clients to expand themselves using the highest levels available to ensure the best in performance, flexibility and standardization.

Choose a Professional Service Quote

custom   Customized Quote
 money   ECommerce (Payment Groups, Store, Online Giving)
structure   Site Development (content, structure, workflow)
graphics   Graphics and Design


What is  Bug Support?

Support is considered 1) Any question that needs to be answered because our documentation and/or basic video library does not sufficiently provide that answer, 2) a repair to our system because something is "broken" or 3) correction to a problem that was not previously corrected adequately. Send these issues here.

Who determines whether it is support or consulting?

Although we do have a rough checklist that indicates the difference between the two, it is at times subjective to our staff. If it's a part that is broken (support) we will fix it. If the parts are all working but you just don't know how to make them flow right, this is  consulting. Get your answer in the first 5 minutes for free by using our Live Chat feature. If it's going to exceed 5 minutes to solve the problem, just purchase a Pay As You Go package.

How long does it take to get a consulting issue resolved?

Obviously, that depends alot on the scope of the issue. Consulting issues can be addressed in little as an hour to as much as a couple of days.

How is Consulting billed?

We bill Pay As You Go consulting on monthly schedule based on how many minutes a client has used that month. Real time minute usage can be tracked with your unique user name and url at anytime, which is provided after your purchase of PAYG.

phone   Contact Endis Professional Services (816.256.3429)