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Worry Free Shipping

You've spent lots of time getting your store up and running, putting in great products, and making sure your customers have an easy experience purchasing the items they want. But what happens next? You find yourself getting those orders sorted out, pulling out the packing materials and making sure you have the right postage to get the products to the customers on time. Well, those worries can be completely alleviated with Endis Fulfillment.

  info You get your stuff to one of our fulfillment centers, and we'll manage the inventory for you.
  info Send as much as you want, when you want.
  info Have your fulfillment fees automatically added to your monthly bill.
  info Personalize your mailing labels to keep your own brand highlighted.

Simple Steps towards a Simple Goal

Get your stuff to us.

Endis is partnered with over 20 locations in the US to ship your product from. We'll get the location closest to you to minimize your costs in sending your items to us.

We'll keep it safe.

A secure climate controlled facility will be housing all of your products, and you are welcome to send any amount to us to store. Of course, you'll only be charged for the items that are in our storage.

Purchases are made.

When one of your customers makes a purchase, Endis manages that purchase directly from your website.

Leave the Picking and Packing to us.

Without any work required from your organization, the customer's order is received and packaged professionally with your organization's labels.

Endis Ships Products to Customers

Endis Fulfillment will have your products shipped to your customers quickly, and provide a direct customer service agent to your organization for any further fulfillment issues.