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Quick Start Guides

If you're completely new to ChurchInsight, or even if you've been using it for some time, the quick start guides can provide you with an invaluable introduction to using the ChurchInsight system.  Most of these guides should take less than 5 minutes to work through, but they'll give you all the basic information you need to begin using a particular area.  New quick start guides are being added all the time; if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


Using the Web Office


It's the Web Office administrative system that makes ChurchInsight so much more than a website.  More... 

Contact Management

Contact Management
Learn how to manage contact information for people in your church.  More...
Group Notes and Global Fields
Learn how to add fields to the standard fields in your database. Open Group Notes PDF file
Learn how to store Organisation details in your database. More..

Creating and Displaying Content


Learn how to create articles, adverts, forms and polls for your web site using the web office. More...

Learn how to upload images to your web site using the web office.  More...
Learn how to manage the on-line church calendar using the web office.   More...
Forums for discussions
Learn how to create and manage discussion forums for your group using the web office.  More...
Themes & Layouts

Learn how to change the look and feel of your web site using the themes and layouts editor.  More...


Learn how to create and administer chatter zones for your group through the web office.  More...

Administration features

Learn how to communicate effectively with groups of people using the web office mailing centre.  More...
Rotas to Schedule people for jobs
Learn how to create a rota in the web site, distribute it to the participants and ensure that they receive a reminder email a few days before!  More...
Resource Booking

Learn how to create resources and administer resource booking requests through the web office. More...



Manage your catalogue and process orders through your online shop. More...

E-commerce - implementation guide

Find out how to create an online shop; this document covers how to select a credit card payment processor and other steps required before making your shop open to the public. More...

Payment groups
Payment groups allow you to regularly charge a credit card in return for membership of a group.  The applications for this type of group are numerous - from setting up one-off or regular donation schemes,  and conference bookings, to ‘premium content’  areas and ‘product of the month’ clubs.  Note: payment groups are not available by default, contact us for further details on pre-requisites and pricing for this feature. More...
Delivery Options (example)
Each customer can customize the delivery options for your online store. We have provided an example of how to set up the various delivery options.  More...

Using the Web Site


Begin to contribute by adding your comment to articles and discussion forums.  More...

Submitting an Article

Start to add your own news, information and articles to the web site with an easy to use document creator.  More...


An introduction to the audio and video facilities of ChurchInsight.  More...


Chatter allows you to communicate in real-time with other members of your community.  More...

Tips and Tricks

This article tells you about some of the less well known features of your church web site to help you to get more out of it!  More...

If you can't find answers here or in the forums, you can always email support and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.