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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I start using Endis Fulfillment?
  • What does Endis Fulfillment cost?
  • Where will I send my products for Endis Fulfillment?
  • How do I register my products?
  • What items are not eligible for Endis Fulfillment?
  • More Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using Endis Fulfillment?

Endis offers fulfillment to all of it's customers. If you have a store with 1 item  or 1000 items, then we can serve you by taking the pressure off of managing your online store fulfillment. We have competitive costs that make fulfillment sensible for any size organization, and you can enjoy the benefit of passing on highly competitive shipping rates to your customers. Just click the "Sign Up Now" link on the right, and we'll get you started.

What does Endis Fulfillment cost?

The only cost that is passed onto you is the monthly service fee that covers the storage of your products in our facilities. You can choose our Standard Rate of $49.99 per month or Premium Rate at $99.99. And whether you sell a few items or a million items, your monthly bill will never change.

Get Perspective. Think of Endis Fulfillment as the Value Add that is hard to say "no" to. After all, how much would it cost you (or someone you have to hire!) in time and money each month to do stock control,  packaging, trips to mail the items, purchasing of materials, standing in line, and general interruption.  Even if your time was only worth minimum wage at roughly $7.00 an hour, it could realistically take an aggregate amount of time of one hour to just send one package! Hassle free, worry free, and a HUGE money saver ... only for Endis Customers!

How Do I Get My Products to You?

Once you've signed up for Fulfillment, we'll get you an address of the warehouse that will suit your inventory the best. Just use the labels we provide for each item, box them up, and send them to us. We'll take care of the rest.

How do I make sure each item is registered properly?

We'll provide you the shipping and item labels that you will need in order to keep your inventory up to stock. You'll just need to let us know how many of each item you'll want us to manage, and the names of those items.  Once we have them in the warehouse, they will be available for sale.

Can I have Endis fullfill some items and I fulfill others?

No. The reason is that, when Endis provides fulfillment for your items, we become responsible to the customer for all items in your store, including processing all charges. It is currently only possible to process charges through one processor in your store, which will be covered by Endis under Fulfillment.