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Who is Fast Track for?

personFast Track training serves both new and experienced users of Insight. New users can reduce the effects of the learning curve and learn the basics quickly. Experienced users can jump ahead to learning new features that come online. Got a specific thing you want to learn? Al training can be set-up as
À la carte or we can prescribe a set of learning modules that fit to your needs.  CALL: 816-256-3428 to schedule or visit this link:

How does it work?

Go To MeetingFast Track,  utilizes interactive online meetings, to economize the time and expense of traditional face-to-face meetings.  By interacting with a real person you get your questions answered directly and quickly without taking the time to scroll through endless pages of training tutorials.
Fast Track, not only gets you educated quickly, but most* meetings can be  schedule to begin in as little as 30 minutes! CALL: 816-256-3428 to schedule or visit this link:

What does it cost?

pigForget about pre-paying for training. because the most attractive thing about Fast Track is the price!  Starting for as little as $1.55 per minute (or $93/hr) Fast Track allows for learning at your own pace and staying within your budget by spending as little or as much as you want. There is no up-front cost because the training minutes will appear along with your monthly subscription bill.
CALL: 816-256-3428 to schedule or visit this link:

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