Endis Insight Summit 2009


Registration Info


—Available to all clients and unlimited staff

—By invitation only to North American clients.




5PM Dinner
6PM Session with B Neville

8PM Local Event

8:30AM Session

10:30AM Session

Noon Lunch
1PM Session

4PM Session with B Neville





Map to Insight RoundtableBethany Lounge
Morningstar Ministries

375 Star Light Dr
Fort Mill, SC 29715

Phone: 803.802.5544 ext. 254




Hotels & Travel

If traveling by air, please arrive at Charlotte Douglass International Airport (CLT). Hotel arrangements can be made directly with Morningstar by calling 803-802-5544. Let them know you are with Endis for discounted rates.




 Endis Insight Summit 2009

March 12-13 in Charlotte, NC



This is the first Insight Summit hosted by Endis. Invitations are available to all clients and this is a free event. Summits will be scheduled annually throughout North America and will provide for a great atmosphere of collaboration, relationship building, and forecasting for ministry needs and technology alignment as it pertains to the Insight Platform.

This year's summit will be attended by the CEO of Endis, Inc., Brendan Neville, as well as representatives of the development team in Cambridge, UK and all US staff.

The summit will spend its time on the following:

  • Internal strategies for development for 2009 and particularly how those strategies can best be aligned with existing client needs.

  • Overall scope of Endis' future from Brendan Neville.

  • Collaborate best practices sessions in e-commerce, social networking and marketing, creative scripting, graphic design elements and others.

  • Participant forecasting of expected and desired uses of the web, requests of Endis for development and general vision.


This summit is strictly collaborative. It is not a forum for speakers, and thus will be geared primarily for controlled interaction. After registration, you will be given access to a few items that will help us know the things that you would like to contribute. Please take time to fill in this information so that we can make the best use of our time.



Brendan Neville, CEO


Brendan Neville   After years of providing leading edge technologies to the banking industries, Brendan founded Endis in 1998. Though the platform was intended originally to serve companies in financial arenas, several key events in 2001 began to push the products and investment towards churches and parachurch ministries throughout Europe.

Brendan's close affiliations with both ministry and business leaders worldwide allows him to have his ear to the ground on the mutual advancement of technology and ministry. And yet, the single focus of his life is serving God and God's people.