Peterborough Community Church

"I believe that Endis have developed a product that will meet the needs of the church today, both as a connecting point into the community and as a powerful church administration tool."


Pete Charlton, PCC Office Manager

Peterborough Community Church (PCC) is a thriving church of more than 750 members. As the church grew they were facing the challenge of maintaining a close church community and of the administration involved in running a large organisation.


PCC were attracted to the ChurchInsight system because they believed it would be a scalable solution, strengthening the church community and streamlining their administrative processes.



One of the first tasks for the ChurchInsight system was to aid in the transition to two Sunday morning services. With nearly 50 team rotas to reorganise, the Web Office was used as a powerful church management system: allowing data entry of individuals, groups, events and then rotas to link them together. The Web Office was able to check if people had been double-booked (assigned to conflicting tasks), and allows flexible reporting by event, team or individual. The Web Office was then used to print personalised rotas which were posted and emailed out to participants.

"The Church Insight system has done an incredible task for us.  We have just transitioned a church of 500+ from single services to two services on a Sunday morning. It was an immense task to fill over 750 job slots over a four week period. Thanks to Endis and Web Office our job of producing rotas went without a hitch."

The benefits didn't end with improvments to the organisation of the church. Building a stronger community within PCC was a goal of the site and this is the key purpose of the ChurchInsight system. As Pete Charlton says:


"A web site that will allow the community to see what a church is doing and offer them the ability to ask questions, join forums, find out where and when events are is a new and exciting way to reach the growing cyber community."


"It has been a delight to work with the team at Endis, offering both a professional product and delivering it in a professional manner is hard to find these days, not so at Endis, thanks guys."

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