City Life Church

"The site not only reflects the community of our church, it furthers it. It doesn't just tell you about church, it is church."


Gabriel Smy, CLC Leadership

City Life Church (CLC) is a young, dynamic church in Cambridge, with a significant proportion of students within its congregation.


Student life can create a powerful community dynamic, which is the hallmark of CLC - being followers of Jesus in real life, lived out through real community. Non-student (town) members of CLC also thrive in this spiritual climate - reaching out to others in the city to meet very real needs.

Using their ChurchInsight web site to communicate as a church is a great way for CLC to match the intensity and pace of Cambridge life - for those studying and working. Each cell group has it's own area on the CLC web site to share information, inspiration and fun.


The dynamic nature of the web site is particularly well suited to connecting immediately with the constantly changing student population. The visible presence of an attractive, caring community is a powerful draw for outreach and evangelism into the universities.


As well as strengthing the bonds of community within Cambridge, the web site is able to connect a mobile population: During the summer reports have been posted to the CLC web site from Kenya, Uganda, Italy, Romania, China, Brazil and all over the UK - as students on summer missions and gap years shared their experiences and prayers with the church across the world. Students who have finished their studies and moved on to careers or other places still use the site to keep in touch.


"Since launching the site we've discovered gifts in people that before were dormant, have connected together as a community in a new way, not to mention being more organised in communication. The community of our church now has a meaningful online dimension."

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