Cambridge Community Church

"The ChurchInsight web solution is quite literally transforming the way C3 expresses church.  As a 21st century church we are constantly thinking and re-thinking of ways to make church accessible, relevant, and absolutely vital...our new web site is helping us make that quantum leap."


Kevin Potts, C3 leadership

Cambridge Community Church (C3) is an evangelical, charismatic church of around 400 members. Having experienced considerable growth in numbers over the past few years, the challenge to the leaders was to retain the effective community feel of a small church, and combine it with the benefits and scale of a larger congregation.


The leaders of C3 realised the potential of using the web as a tool to increase the ties of community between church members, and increase the relevance of the church in day to day life. Endis worked closely with C3 to ensure the ChurchInsight solution matches the structure of the church and enhances the way it operates.

After launch, the C3 web site immediately generated strong usage by the church community as over 200,000 page requests were recorded within the first 2 months of going live.


"I have been able to debate, chat, suggest a few things, and be encouraged, by words, stories and testimonies... It feels so good to be united in Christ not just on a Sunday but any day of the week, bless all who were part of the team setting this site up"


Tom Wood, C3 Member


"I found today that I had more confidence to talk to people actually at church….I have often felt rather out of the community at times, and the web has really helped me feel more as if I belong. thanks everyone"


Anne Beaumont, C3 Member

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