An Interview with Meredith Borel


Rock the World

Pittsburgh, PA


Dir. of Global Initiatives

1500 users

rtwlargeRock the World mutiplies young Christian leaders. We do this through retreats and conferences for young people, leadership training programs for high school grads, classes and seminars for church youth ministers, and overseas missions partnerships. Rock the World was founded in August 1989. We have trained young leaders who now serve across the US and the world. More than 95% of our trainees are still actively involved in Christian leadership today!

How did you first hear about ChurchInsight?

We were impressed with the look and functionality of the IHOP website, and discovered that it was designed by Church Insight.

What were your first impressions of our product when you signed up? What keeps you using ChurchInsight?
We appreciated the way the harmony between message and the medium on the Church Insight site itself. The accesibility of the system keeps us from getting bottle-necked as we need to change and update things on the site. We have also been impressed with the quick response of CI's people to our questions and inguiries. We've found the system to be very user friendly.

Were you using another website content manager before or where you managing your site with standard html pages?  Was the transition difficult?
We had outsourced our site to a small web firm. It was difficult for us to change things on the site quickly. The transition was slightly complicated, but not impossible. Alot of the complexity came from our previous web firm. Church Insight was relatively helpful. It has been even better since Brett Payne came on board. He has responded quickly and efficiently.

How are you using ChurchInsight? What are you using it for? What parts do you use most (events, mail, blogging, e-commerce)? Have you used ChurchInsight in ways you hadn't anticipated?
Right now we are using it primarily for basic web info, event listings, and conference registration. We have not yet tapped into the mail function.

Thanks for participating. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I've been particularly impressed with the level of support offered by Church Insight. When I don't know how to do something, there is a quick start guide, a video, or a real live person available to guide me almost immediately!