An Interview with Tom Routolo


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pandllargePower and Love Ministries is sponsoring 8 Conferences on Power Evangelism around the US in 2008. Our purpose is to train, motivate and activate the Church of Jesus in Power Evangelism resulting in the everyday use of the prophetic and healing gifts among non-christians and the watching world. For 7 years, I served with Randy Clark and Global Awakening as VP of International Ministries. I planned and led 39 International trips to 12 countries, many of which I trained pastors and led renewal services. In 2006, I worked with Randy to begin the Global School of Supernatural Ministry and also served as its Director for its first year.

How did you first hear about ChurchInsight?

Global Awakening began using Church Insight during my last few months on staff.

What were your first impressions of our product when you signed up? What keeps you using ChurchInsight?
I am just a couple months into using the site but I am extremely impressed. After going through a bit of a learning curve, the web site offers a multitude of services combined with extraordinary flexibility. It makes interacting with those in our database easy. They can be as uninvolved or involved as they choose. And all this with virtually no data entry on our part. I am amazed at what Church Insight has accomplished.

How are you using ChurchInsight? What are you using it for? What parts do you use most (events, mail, blogging, e-commerce)? Have you used ChurchInsight in ways you hadn't anticipated?
I am using the web site primarily to communicate with those in our database through email. We will use it to take conference registrations, send out confirmations, and sooner or later offer digital downloads of messages. All this was anticipated when I signed up.

Thanks for participating. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I just appreciate all the behind the scenes programming that has happened so that I can take advantage of such a powerful communication tool. Thank you.