An Interview with Adrian Brunt


King's Church

Christchurch, NZ

2 staff


160 users

adrianlgIn 2000 a small group of people from the Newfrontiers family of churches started to meet together in London, to pray and share their hearts regarding New Zealand . From these gatherings there grew a vision to plant churches in New Zealand and the Pacific Rim, churches that would reach people for Christ, restore lost and hurting Christians and build bases to send to other parts of South East Asia.

And so King's church was born, thousands of kilometres from its home. At King's we continue to work to the fulfilment dreams . Dreams of God's Kingdom coming. Dreams of God's promises being fulfilled in greater measure. Dreams for Christchurch. Dreams for NZ. Dreams for this region of the world.

King's has grown remarkably from the very early days, with many elements of the original vision starting to be fulfilled, but the vision has grown with the church and the next years look like they are going to be more exciting than those already gone!

How did you first hear about ChurchInsight?

We had become clear that both our original website and a simple database that we were using were both at a stage of needing an upgrade. We had started to look at options for each area and with the website were just about to sign up with a local company here in Christchurch to help develop the basic site structure and design. However at that point another Newfrontiers church mentioned to us almost in passing ChurchInsight. This was at a time when the Christian Computing Magazine had just reviewed ChurchInsight. The content of this review reflected exactly what we wanted to do in terms of website and database all in one great package! We were hooked!

What were your first impressions of our product when you signed up? What keeps you using ChurchInsight?
Once hooked we quickly became enthusiasts! In signing up for the free trial we became increasingly excited as we started to unpack and understand more of how the ChurchInsight package worked and its capabilities. 'Amazing' was often heard!

Were you using another website content manager before or where you managing your site with standard html pages?  Was the transition difficult?
A small team worked towards launch, each person with clear responsibility either for design, content or database management. With the Quick Help Guides and the Online Support we always managed to break through early development difficulties and our lack of knowledge. A small amount of design work was out sourced.

How are you using ChurchInsight? What are you using it for? What parts do you use most (events, mail, blogging, e-commerce)? Have you used ChurchInsight in ways you hadn't anticipated?
First and foremost the site is for visitors. To inform and to encourage. Secondly it is as an information/communication tool for our church members. We will increasingly use the roster, mail, events and news updates for this. Thirdly the database enables us with better church management opportunities generally.

How has ChurchInsight improved your communication with church members and staff?
We will slowly increase the website as being a major communication tool for the church membership. Having rosters, the calendar, updated news and fun items like the forums and slideshows, we hope will slowly encourage more and more of the membership to naturally turn to the website as a source of information and enjoyment!

How many other people from your church are using ChurchInsight?
We are still in the early days of launch and nearly one third of enabled users have logged in. This proportion will we are confident will increase.

Thanks for participating. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
We are just so delighted to have been directed to ChurchInsight. The final result of our website we are just so pleased with.  Our experience throughout has simply been 'amazing'.