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Themes and Layouts

The themes and layouts area allows you to change the appearance of your web site to create a complete visual style which reflects the life of your organization.  As well as defining how your home page will look, this powerful tool allows you to create completely different styles for sub-groups within your organization.  For example, you may wish to give a charitable giving group within your organization a completely different appearance than other groups. 


We’ll begin by defining what these tearms mean:

  • Themes: are the colours, fonts, and background images making up the style of your web site.  You can pick from a range of themes available in the Endis gallery and, if required, modify them to suit your requirements.
  • layout: is the arrangement of the various elements making up a web page.  For example, your homepage may feature recent contributions to the discussion forums, a list of new articles, and a calendar of upcoming events whereas the “about us” section of your web site may contain just one article on each page.  Each of these elements is represented by a component, and the arrangement of these components may vary from group to group.

Both themes and layouts can be applied to your entire web site or just a small part of it. More information is available in Applying a New Theme or Layout.

Applying a new Theme or Layout
Applying new themes and layouts More ...
Modifying a Layout
Modifying a Layout More ...
Modifying a Theme
Modifying a Theme More ...

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